Timelessness Project goes to Florida

Frascione Arte Palm Beach

From Florence to Florida… The first edition of the Timelessness Project in the newly opened space of Frascione Arte in Palm Beach!

Following successful editions aligned with the Biennale of Antiques in Florence since 2015, the 2022 edition of the Timelessness Project emerged through collaboration between Aria Art Gallery and Frascione Arte. This collaboration, driven by a singular objective, materialized in a dual exhibition curated by Nataša Radojević, the artistic director of the project since then.

In 2023, Frascione Arte expanded its influence by establishing a new space in Palm Beach, dedicated to the permanent hosting of the Timelessness Project.

The Timelessness Project, in its new space at Frascione Arte in Palm Beach, features various media of works by internationally emerging and established contemporary artists in dialogue with seventeenth-century paintings by Justus Suttermans, Ottavio Vannini, Agostino Beltrano. The contemporary artists showcased in the exhibition include Diango Hernandez, Fabrizio Corneli, Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, Cristiano Pintaldi, Sossio, Michelangelo Bastiani, and Szymon Oltarzewski.

Frascione Arte Palm Beach

<<The inaugural edition of the Timelessness Project in Palm Beach is centered around profound questions and themes, exploring the hidden facets beyond our observable reality>> – said curator Nataša Radojević – <<It prompts deliberate reflection on moving beyond surface observations, engaging with intricacies influencing our understanding of Old Masters and contemporary works. The exhibition aims to foster awareness about concealed processes behind artworks, inviting viewers to explore both artists from the present and the past. Images, with their captivating and misleading nature, are harnessed to scrutinize, challenge, and reshape perception, fostering novel interpretations and liberating pathways to understand the past and present.

Images possess the capacity to captivate and mislead, yet they can also enlighten and revive the memory of historical pursuits, unveiling a spectrum of questions. The image wields the authority to scrutinize, challenge, and reshape our perception, challenging the solidity of deeply ingrained beliefs about reality and knowledge, thereby fostering novel interpretations and liberating pathways to understand both our past and present>>.

Frascione Arte Palm Beach

<<Explore works by Old Masters and contemporary artists in this exhibition, prompting deep introspection. The sensory journey offers a visual documentation of attempts to understand scientific and humanistic constraints. Artistic imaginaries actively challenge convictions, loosening the gaze’s totalitarian hold for emancipation and uncovering unexplored truths>> stated Radojević.

Frascione Arte Gallery, 256 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Instagram: @timelessness_project