Amazing photos from an empty Florence during covid19 days

Firenze vista dall'alto ai tempi del coronavirus
Santa Maria del Fiore

With the precious collaboration of photographer Matteo Nannelli, FUL magazine shows you a Florence seen from above, wounded, but in its purest splendor

Let’s see it as an occasion! It will never happen to us again (we hope) to admire our city in its most authentic beauty. A naked Florence, without cars, without people, without tourists, a wounded but infinitely beautiful and precious Florence. Piazza della Signoria so, bare, without its swarming of people, on the one hand hurts, on the other allows you to admire the magnificence, as well as you can linger for a long time to admire the perfect geometry of Piazza Santa Maria Novella. The Church of Santo Spirito, on the other hand, with its soft curves and gentle steps seems to be waiting with pleasure for the return of its people.

Firenze vista dall'alto ai tempi del coronavirus
Church of San Miniato